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DanielCARE was created by Daniel Dentistry to address the growing issue of finding an affordable way to cover dental costs.  Call and ask us how to sign up today!

  • What is DanielCARE?

DanielCARE is a dental savings plan exclusive to Daniel Dentistry meant to help patients without insurance save money on hygiene visits and dental procedures.

  • What does DanielCARE include?

On your DanielCARE plan, you have two (2) regular exams, two (2) regular cleanings, one (1) set of x-rays, one (1) emergency exam & x-ray, and 20% off all major dental procedures for the year.

  • How much does DanielCARE cost?

DanielCARE has an upfront, yearly enrollment fee of $299 per person.

  • When can I start using my benefits and how long do they last?

Don't see your question? Give us a call at (205)-967-0760 and we'd be happy to help!

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