Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a type of dentistry service that focuses on maintaining the oral health of people of all ages. Family dentists provide preventive and restorative care that helps patients of all ages maintain healthy smiles.

What is family dentistry?

A family dentist provides general dental care to patients of all ages. This includes preventative care, restorative care, and cosmetic procedures to correct issues that may arise with teeth that are crooked, broken, or discolored. A pediatric dentist specializes in caring for children’s teeth; however, a family dentist also provides the same service to children who are over age one.

Benefits of going to a family dentist

A family dentist can offer comprehensive oral care for your entire family, from young children to adults. If you bring your children in for regular cleanings and exams, your dentist can monitor their developing teeth to ensure they grow in properly and don’t cause issues later in life. Additionally, your dentist can also address any concerns about your child’s oral health or development. Many parents prefer to take their children to the same dental practice they visit so they can establish a relationship with the dentist and the practice. This can help children feel more comfortable during their next appointment when it’s time to actually have their teeth cleaned and examined. You should also consider bringing your children in as soon as their first tooth appears. Your dentist can provide helpful at-home tips for caring for your baby’s teeth and gums and can help answer any questions you have about teething and how to care for your child’s baby teeth. This helps establish good oral hygiene habits right from the start and helps instill healthy oral health care practices for you and your child.

Author Bio

Dr. Mirela Manole has over five years of experience in dentistry and has been practicing for over seven. She graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN and then worked as an associate dentist for eight years before opening her own practice. TodayDr. Manole is the owner and operator of the Gentle Dental North Loop in Minneapolis, MN. She is passionate about helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health through education and high-quality care. She focuses on preventative dental care to help each patient maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life. In addition to offering general and family dental services, the practice provides Invisalign® clear aligners, dental implants, and Six Month Smiles® cosmetic braces. In her spare time, Dr. Manole enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and son. To learn about her practice and to schedule an appointment with her, you can visit the Gentle

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